At Law Offices Support Services you are assigned to work directly with a LawSprt Team of legal support professionals.  Your assigned team leader is a virtual paralegal that will oversee all aspects of the work that LawSprt will handle.  The team leader is a highly qualified paralegal in your designated practice area, and should you need the services of a paralegal in one of the wide range of practice areas that we offer, your team leader coordinates everything for you. Your team's assigned virtual legal assistant is able to coordinate meetings, contact current clients, and deal with administrative tasks that are bogging you down.  Your firm is now well-staffed and provides the level of professionalism that you want for your clients.    


LawSprt personnel are trained in virtually all types of practice management software that is currently available in the legal market.  If you have practice management software for your firm, we will work directly with you in the program.  Should you need a secure platform for working collaboratively with us, a dedicated team site will be provided to you at no additional cost.  Your team site is set-up using a Microsoft SharePoint platform, with a guaranteed up time of 99%, strict security access, with back-up, safeguards and redundant data systems to protect all elements of your information.