Lack of resources is a common problem burdening entrepreneurs in all industries.  Attorneys starting their solo practices are no strangers to this deficiency and entrepreneurial downslope.  Fortunately, solo practitioners can benefit from a less expensive alternative to hiring and hosting staff in an office space.  Law Office Support Services ( offers solo attorneys and small law firms easier access to virtual legal assistants and paralegals, as well as other services.

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Public Relations Contact:

     Monica Puig


Company Contact:

     Margo T. Valenti

     Executive Director

     Law Office Support Services


 About Law Office Support Services.  The goal at Law Office Support Services is to redesign the legal industry. The Company was formed to assist new lawyers, sole practitioners and small law firms with the ability to provide professional legal services to their clients through outsourcing. Virtual Legal Assistants provide you with the ability to present a professional practice to the legal community and our Paralegal Services will increase your practice’s scope and proficiency.