Q – How are the plan hours allocated?

A – LawSprt monthly subscription plans are based on the number of hours you have requested our services.  Tasks that are not billable will be performed by a legal assistant at the set rate.  There is a time tracker on your team site which sets out the client, matter, assignment and the amount of time used and keeps a running total.  A detailed statement of hours incurred is provided each month.  The following is an example of how time is accrued:

​Q – Can I pass the cost of using a virtual paralegal or legal assistant on to my client?


A – Yes. The services provided by our paralegal provide you with a profit center opportunity.  The services performed by our virtual legal assistants are attributed directly to each individual client, and if the services are not already included in your hourly rate, can be passed through as a third-party vendor cost. 


Q – Am I restricted to the number of hours in my monthly subscription?


A – No. Your monthly subscription is determined by the number of hours you tell us you need each month.  If you exceed your plan hours, overages are charged to your credit card separately.  Your monthly subscription cost is conveniently charged to your credit card on the 5th of each month.  A statement is generated for your review and any overages will be charged to your credit card on the 20th.   


Q – Can I increase/decrease the number of hours in my monthly subscription.


A -  Yes.  Your monthly subscription will be readjusted if you consistently go over or under your allotted hours for four months in a row.  An amended Schedule I to your agreement will be provided.  Monthly subscription hours that are not used will be banked.  LawSprt encourages you to use the banked hours in the calendar year in which they have occurred. 


Q – Where are your legal assistants and paralegals based?


A – All LawSprt personnel are located in the United States and have extensive prior legal experience.  We strive to hire legal assistants and paralegals that have strong legal backgrounds, association designations, and positive recommendations from prior employers.


Q – How does the team site work?


A – Along with obtaining the services of a virtual legal assistant or paralegal, a secure team site is set-up for your practice.  Access to your team site is limited to only those working directly for you.  Since it is Microsoft SharePoint, the site is guaranteed with a 99% uptime when using this platform.  Each team site consists of a firm calendar, documents library, task & assignment timeline, contacts, and time tracking.  Using the team site allows you to work seamlessly with your virtual legal assistant and paralegal.  


Q – I have my own practice management software.


A- LawSprt virtual legal assistants and paralegals can work within your current software. Any additional licensing requirements are not a part of the plan and are your sole responsibility. 


Q - How much is your service?


A - Our monthly subscription plans are structured to fit your practice needs.  Plans can be as low as $78.00 per month and include the use of a virtual legal assistant, a dedicated telephone number for your practice, and a team site. Paralegal plans start at $110.00 per month.


​​Q – How do you avoid conflicts with legal assistants and paralegals working for multiple attorneys?


A – A strict conflict policy is in place and we run a companywide conflict check on a daily basis.  Our data base of information consists of the appropriate search criteria recommended by the ABA and state bar associations for compliance.


Q – Can I work with my assistant or paralegal through my private email or by phone?


A – Yes, communications can be done through a multitude of electronic devices.  Seamless collaboration is essential for your practice to run successfully.


Q – What happens to my files if I discontinue your service?


A – All files will be uploaded to an individual Microsoft OneDrive account or similar type account within 3-5 business days after payment of the final invoice. All files pertaining to your practice belong to you.


Q – How do I pay for the virtual services?


A – Monthly subscription plans are by credit card or through a bank transfer. Additional services over the plan allotment, are invoiced on the 10th day of the month. Payment for the additional services will create a second charge on your credit card on the 20th of the month or will show as an additional transfer from your bank account to LawSprt.